Mablethorpe Events

Mablethorpe Events:

Mablethorpe is host to the UK’s beach hut festival. The Mablehorpe beach hut festival is called Bathing Beauties. Bathing Beauties is held September each year. The Beach Hut owners compete with exterior design, poetry, music and drama performances.

Mablethorpe Marathon launched in 2006. Mablethorpe Marathoon attracted approximately 2,500 runners in the very first year. After taking a break year 2009, it has now returned and should now remain as an annual event on Mablethorpe’s event calendar.

Over 40 years now, Mablethorpe has hosted on the Mablethorpe Beach, Motorcycle sand racing. The Mablethorpe sand racing takes place in the Winter – Spring season only.

Each summer Mablethorpe hosts its illuminations “Switch On” event. This night is normally a small parade followed by a celebrity turning on the lights. It really is a night of fun ead entertainment. Celebrities who have turned on the lights include: Timmy Mallett, Barbara Windsor. In 2011 it was the trun of the Britain’s Got talent dancing duo Twist and Pulse.

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